How to Deep Condition

Okay, so reading the title of this I know some people are looking at me crazy. But this is a REAL thing ladies! If you are a golden caramel princess like moi, and have natural hair, this is the holy grail of your wash routine. I know most people already know the basics of what to do, so lets jump in.


Oil of choice

Conditioner of choice




Heated cap/ blowdryer

Plastic cap for hair

Directions: You can start with wet hair or dry hair. I like to deep condition with dry hair since I use oil. Mix oil, egg, mayo, honey and conditioner together in a container, jar, whatever is convenient for you. Next, apply mixture to hair. Really coat this mixture in your hair so every strand can be moisturized. Now, place the plastic cap on your hair. This is where you can either place your heated cap on top, or use a blowdryer to add heat. The heat opens the strands of your hair in order to soak in all the nutrients from the mixture. Leave this in your hair for about 30 mins- 1 hr (you could go longer if you want). Wash your hair out and BOOM! Your hair comes out smooth and shiny.  *Caution- WASH HAIR WITH COOL WATER SO THE EGG DOESN’T COOK IN YOUR HAIR*


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