CrockPot Pork Chops

I know most people have a crockpot and probably never even use it. Here’s a recipe that’ll help you put your money to good use. These pork chops will be tender and juicy and HEALTHY (as healthy as pork can get).


Pork chops

Minced Garlic

Seasonings (of your choice)


Green Peppers


Apple Cider Vinegar

Recipe: There’s really no recipe here, which is why I love using the crockpot. Season your pork chops, throw the minced garlic in on the bottom and chop up your vegetables and potatoes. Place the chops in the crockpot, put the veggies and potatoes on top, drizzle about 1/2 cup of ACV on the chops, place the top on and you’re done. Turn the crockpot on low and leave on for about 6 hours. Piece of cake, right?


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